Professional Property Photography

Joe Darams Photography offers an array of affordable and professional property photography (real estate photography) and videography services that will set your property apart, attracting potential buyers or tenants in Essex and beyond. Our expertise is tailored to landlords, agents, investors, businesses, developers, and B’n’B owners across Colchester, Ipswich, Chelmsford, and neighbouring areas.

In the dynamic property and real estate landscape, creating a lasting impression is paramount. Elevate your property listings with our professional property photos, giving your residential and commercial properties the edge they need. Our services extend to advertising holiday homes, office spaces, accommodations, B’n’Bs, and hotel rooms. By expertly capturing your property’s aesthetics, we bring out its unique appeal and allure, catering to the discerning preferences of the property and real estate market.

We understand that every property has its unique story, and we are dedicated to capturing its essence, character, and charm through the lens. We are equipped with the latest full-frame DSLR mirrorless camera, and wide and ultra-wide lenses to capture high-end real estate and property photos (interiors and exteriors) which are professionally edited to give a stunning, tasteful and immersive imagery that makes your property stand out amongst the competitions and attract the right audience.

For a comprehensive showcase, we also provide aerial drone photos and videos, twilight and night shots, and captivating walk-through video tours of your property. Elevate your property listings to new heights with our professional property photography service. Let us help you create a visual experience that engages potential buyers, conveys the unique character of each property, and ultimately leads to quicker sales. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our property photographer and take the first step toward showcasing your properties in the best possible light. Your success is our focus, and we’re committed to delivering top-notch property photography and real estate photography that truly makes a difference.

Why Choose Our Property Photography Service?

Visual Storytelling

Our property photographers have an uncanny ability to tell the story of a property through images. We craft the narratives and highlight the emotion each property evokes.

Attention to Detail

Our property photographers have a keen eye for detail, capturing intricate features, architectural elements, and design nuances that set your listing apart.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We use advanced technology, cutting-edge equipment, and techniques to ensure every property image exudes remarkable clarity, precision, and an irresistible sense of invitation.

Top Quality Assured

Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver only the highest quality imagery. Each photograph is a work of art that captures the true essence of the property.

Expert Property Photographers

Our property photographers understand how to use angles, lighting, composition and perspective to create images that showcase the property's strengths and uniqueness.

Fast Turnaround

Our efficient workflow ensures that you receive your professionally edited photographs promptly, allowing you to showcase your listings quickly and effectively.

Property Photography Samples

Property Photography & Video Poduction Pricing

Professional Property Photography

1 & 2 Bedroom Property – £125 per property
3 & 4 Bedroom Property – £150 per property
5+ Bedroom Property – From £200 per property

Professional Property Videography & Video Production

1 & 2 Bedroom Property – £175 per property
3 & 4 Bedroom Property – £200 per property
5+ Bedroom Property – From £250 per property

Professional Property Photography & Videography

1 & 2 Bedroom Property – £275 per property
3 & 4 Bedroom Property – £325 per property
5+ Bedroom Property – From £425 per property

Immersive 3D Property Virtual Tour Service

1 & 2 Bedroom Property (Space totalling up to 750 sq. ft.) – £180 per property
3 & 4 Bedroom Property (Space totalling up to 1500 sq. ft.) – £250 per property
5+ Bedroom Property (Space totalling 1500+ sq. ft.) – From £350 per property

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Our Property Photography Process


We start by understanding your vision and requirements. What’s the story you want to tell about the property? Any specific features you’d like to highlight? Your input is invaluable in crafting the perfect visual narrative.

The Shoot

Our photographers meticulously plan each session, from selecting the best lighting conditions to arranging the perfect angles. We capture a range of shots, from exterior beauty shots to interior details, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the property.

Post-Processing Magic

Our work doesn’t end with the click of the camera. We employ advanced post-processing techniques to enhance each image, bringing out its true colors, tones, and textures. The result is a stunning visual representation that leaves a lasting impression.


Your edited, high-resolution images are promptly delivered via an online drive, ready to be integrated into your listings, websites, and marketing materials.

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